About Joe Danna

Joe is a therapeutic massage therapist  who has facilitated many types of bodywork since 1995.

A Gloucester native who traveled out west where he lived for many years, Joe is a graduate of The School of Healing Arts in Pacific Beach, CA., Twin Lakes College of Healing  Arts, Santa Cruz, Ca., NCC Massage Therapy Program in Nashua, Neuromuscular Certification/Advanced Myofascial and Advanced Stretching & Strengthening Techniques training at The Muscular Wellness Institute, Hopkinton, NH, and is a Certified Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist through the Freedom from Pain Institute.

As a passionate therapeutic massage therapist, he continues to further his education.

Joe has two years of experience with instructing massage therapy programs and has donated his work to The Boston Marathon and other similar type events.

Mission Statement

Massage therapist Joe Danna at the Atlantic Ocean“I adhere to the highest goals for any therapeutic massage relationship, which is to validate and empower my clients, increase range-of-motion, diminish pain, promote relaxation, reduce stress and tension, educate, and if necessary refer the client to other health care professionals.”

Types of Massage Therapy

Joe offers many types of massage therapy He specializes in pain reduction through the application of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT), Trigger Point Therapy (TPT), and Muscular Energy Techniques (METs) at his spacious suite in Nashua, NH.

These applications are not about unnecessary force and pain.

The work assesses tensility carefully to allow the natural release of the client’s tissue, which governs the session for best results.

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