Your Headache Assessment

There are many different causes for headaches as well as many different types of headaches.

First an initial overall assessment is done of your head pain.

This will lead to a decision of whether massage therapy will help relieve your headaches. In some cases, it may be necessary to err to the side of caution and refer you to another health care professional.

If you are a good candidate for headache relief from massage therapy, a variety of techniques will be used to relieve your pain.

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All protocol treatments include a free physical assessment and post-session education.

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In most cases, I use methods to release specific muscles. Many headaches stem from the “suboccipitals.”

These muscles that sit at the base of the cranium cause a large percentage of headaches.

When the suboccipitals are tight, they may affect blood vessels which are near nerves associated with protective coverings of the brain.

This process causes headaches, even some migraines.

I use Cranial Base Release, Neuromuscular Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy to help relieve your headache.

These techniques will relax your subocciptals, as well as other muscles in your neck and back.

There are also cases in which I bring attention to the feet to help relieve headaches.

This is something which has been done for centuries in eastern traditions. Prices and times for headache and whiplash treatments will vary.

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