Is Massage Good for Piriformis Syndrome? (Sciatic Pain Relief)

Massage therapy for sciatica

Is Massage Good for Piriformis Syndrome? Massage therapy can relieve the sciatic nerve pain of piriformis syndrome.

Massage techniques such as deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, and trigger point therapy can help relax the piriformis muscle and alleviate the pressure on the sciatic nerve.

What is the Difference Between Bodywork and Massage Therapy?

Neuromuscular Certification

The difference between bodywork and massage therapy comes down to client outcomes, with massage therapy being more general and bodywork aiming to relieve the pain of chronic conditions. Massage therapy encompasses many styles, from Swedish and deep tissue to Thai and hot stone, tailored to address specific muscle groups and promote relaxation.

On the other hand, bodywork integrates multiple techniques to realign the skeletal structure, improve posture, and enhance energy flow throughout the body.

What Causes Neck Pain?

What causes neck pain?

In the world of massage therapy, neck pain is said to be caused by unhealthy postural habits that lead to muscular strain and also tension headaches. Looking down too much or having a forward head posture are among the culprits of neck pain. Treatment and education about preventing forward head posture go a long way in helping to avoid neck pain.

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Spine & Back Pain Massage Therapy Treatment

back and spine massage

Back pain has many causes.

Jobs that require a lot of computer use, standing, lifting or driving, and certain types of muscular imbalances are often the cause of back pain.

Physical evaluations done here are free and help to determine if your back pain is of a more serious nature that requires medical attention from a doctor.

Head and Neck Massage Therapy Treatments

head and neck massage (1)

There are many different causes for headaches as well as many different types of headaches.

First an initial overall assessment is done of your head pain.

This will lead to a decision of whether massage therapy will help relieve your headaches. In some cases, it may be necessary to err to the side of caution and refer you to another health care professional.