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Deep Tissue Advanced Bodywork: Advanced bodywork is therapy for specific anatomical issues. The therapist applies laser-targeted focus to injuries and strains. Advanced protocols often provide significant relief in between one and four advanced bodywork therapy sessions. Atlantic Massage & Muscular Therapies, LLC provides therapy sessions for these specific issues: Neck and Upper Back (for upper back, … Read more

Spine & Back Pain Massage Therapy Treatment

back and spine massage

Back pain has many causes.

Jobs that require a lot of computer use, standing, lifting or driving, and certain types of muscular imbalances are often the cause of back pain.

Physical evaluations done here are free and help to determine if your back pain is of a more serious nature that requires medical attention from a doctor.

Head and Neck Massage Therapy Treatments

head and neck massage (1)

There are many different causes for headaches as well as many different types of headaches.

First an initial overall assessment is done of your head pain.

This will lead to a decision of whether massage therapy will help relieve your headaches. In some cases, it may be necessary to err to the side of caution and refer you to another health care professional.

Lower Body Massage Therapy Treatments

glute, hip, leg, foot

This treatment for Hip and Gluteal Pain Relief works to release restrictions and/or sub-acute and chronic pain in the rotators, flexors and extensors of the hip.

It is especially helpful in relieving types of sciatica and is excellent for runners and other sports athletes.

Upper Body Massage Therapy Treatments

shoulder arm hand massage

This treatment works to normalize the four rotator cuff muscles and other shoulder stabilizers.

It is geared to restore balance to the shoulder girdle using Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and/or Muscular Energy Techniques.

Pain-Spasm-Pain Cycle

pain spasm pain cycle (1)

A simplified description of this cycle is easy to understand. When muscles are in flexion they can eventually become ischemic (lack of blood). Ischemic muscles cause pain.

When there is pain the muscle reacts by going into spasm thinking it is protecting itself. This causes more ischemia, pain from the ischemia, and then more spasm. In order to break this cycle the muscle needs to be released and reset.