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To help prevent the spread of illness, if you have cold or flu symptoms please schedule when you are feeling better. Thank you. To buy a package, pay in person at the office or buy a money-saving package online.

Seated Neck and Upper Back Advanced Bodywork: 30 Minutes – $50

Deep Tissue Advanced Body Work: 60 Minutes – $90

Deep Tissue Advanced Body Work: 90 Minutes – $130

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Tipping Policy

As always, I have no tipping policy. Tips are graciously accepted, but never expected.

Deep Tissue Advanced Bodywork:

Advanced bodywork is therapy for specific anatomical issues. The therapist applies laser-targeted focus to injuries and strains. Advanced protocols often provide significant relief in between one and four advanced bodywork therapy sessions.

Atlantic Massage & Muscular Therapies, LLC provides therapy sessions for these specific issues:

  • Neck and Upper Back (for upper back, neck and headache pain)
  • Neck: Extensive Therapeutic Neck Treatment (for neck and headache pain)
  • Shoulder Pain Treatment
  • Leg Pain Treatment
  • Foot Pain Treatment
  • Arm and Hand Pain Treatment
  • Spine and Back Pain Treatment
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment
  • Hip and Gluteals (Butt) Pain Treatment


All appointments include a free evaluation. Come in to discuss your pain. The conversation is free.

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Massage Therapy Benefits

  • Increased relaxation
  • Reduced pain
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Increased happiness
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased immunity
  • Improved digestion