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Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment

Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment …I generally look for pelvic imbalances. Then I assess the sacrum and gluteal muscles. I experience sciatic nerve pain myself due to piriformis syndrome (tightness, swelling, of one of the the deep, lateral …

Back Pain

Back pain is caused for many reasons most of which can be addressed by massage therapy. Back pain usually calls for core strengthening. Back pain is often caused by incorrect postural habits . A forward head posture from working at a computer can cause back pain. Repetitive movement can lead to back pain. Sitting on

Achilles Tendon Pain

Runners often get Achilles Tendon pain due to muscular imbalances. The Achilles tendon pain happens when the Achilles tendon is overly stressed from incorrect “push off”. ¬†Achilles tendon pain in runners is caused by tight hip flexors preventing full leg extension and correct push-off. Achilles tendon pain is relieved by stretching and strengthening to promote

Shoulder Pain

Muscular imbalances in the shoulder are largely responsible for shoulder pain. The most common shoulder pain occurs when a rotator cuff muscle becomes pinched on top of the shoulder. This shoulder pain makes it impossible to lift the arm overhead.  Specific stretches and strengthening exercises along with correcting postural habits remedies the most common types

Knee Pain

Issues with knee structure cause knee pain. A common cause of knee pain is postural habits. The cartilage of the knee gets its nutrients through movement. Knee pain can be caused from prolonged periods of sitting and incorrect leg position while sitting. To prevent this type of knee pain, it’s important for the knee joint

Neck Pain

In our flexion addiction society, neck pain is a common problem . Activities like working at a computer train the head to stay forward leading to neck pain. Due to leverage, for every inch the head is forward from its normal position it weighs about ten more pounds and leads to neck pain. This unhealthy

How To Ease Upper Back And Neck Pain With Therapeutic Massage Therapy

In a nutshell, upper back and neck pain, the most common complaint I hear as a therapeutic massage therapist, is relieved by correcting unhealthy postural habits. Sitting at a computer tends to result in heads going forward, shortening muscles in the front of the neck and chest. Shoulder stabilizer muscles of the back become overstretched

How to Choose a Therapeutic Massage Therapist

When looking for a therapeutic massage therapist, it’s important to check credentials. Just because a massage therapist attended a massage therapy program doesn’t mean they have furthered their education and attained advanced certifications. It’s also a good idea to go to the AMTA or ABMP websites where you can do a local search.

How to Afford Therapeutic Massage Therapy

When you have a specific condition causing pain or discomfort, ask the massage therapist if he or she does specific area work. This will make the session shorter, and therefore, less expensive. If you have a problem with your arm, having your scalp rubbed isn’t going to help. It’s also good to know there are

How To Tell If I Need a Therapeutic Massage Therapist

The best way to tell if a therapeutic massage therapist can help you is to find one who does free physical evaluations. A qualified massage therapist will know how to appraise your condition. If there is a reason why you are not a candidate for therapeutic massage, a professional massage therapist will refer you to

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