Common Problems Brought to Massage Therapists

Upper Back and Neck Pain

Massage therapists know that upper back and neck pain are common among people who sit at computers all day.

Medical massage therapists understand that a forward head causes certain muscles to become overstretched and weak in their ongoing struggle to pull the head back. A series of stretches and strengthening exercises help create new postural habits to correct this painful condition.

Dental Hygienist Pain

As a massage therapist, I have seen that dental hygienists are prone to neck and upper back pain. Massage therapists know dental hygienists hold their heads in positions that cause chronic neck pain and upper back pain.

Trigger Point Therapy for Back Pain

Patty, a waitress, came to my massage therapy clinic with lower back pain on her right side. She heard trigger point therapy may help. Physical evaluation and discussion of her back pain at my massage therapy office revealed that Patty carried heavy trays on her left shoulder, which caused the stabilizing muscles of her right lower back to tighten repetitively to maintain upright posture. This caused Patty’s back pain, which was alleviated within four sessions with corrective stretching and strengthening.

Massage Therapy for Headaches

Mary got headaches and came for massage therapy to help with head pain. The cause of her headache pain was that she got rear-ended in a car accident two years ago. Mary’s headache pain was a result of whiplash. Through applications of trigger point therapy, neuromuscular massage therapy, and specialized PNF stretching, Mary got relief from her headaches in one session.

Neuromuscular massage therapists know PNF stretching is one of the best ways to relieve painful neck trigger point muscle knots. Qualified medical massage therapists understand how PNF stretching resets muscle fibers back to their normal length, which relieves the pain of trigger points.

Massage and Stretching for Plantar Fasciitis

Foot pain from Plantar Fasciitis is a common complaint heard by massage therapists. Tight calf muscles are often the cause. Runners with plantar fasciitis foot pain tend to have muscular imbalances in opposing hip muscles, which, through a chain of muscular events, leads to early push-off in their stride. A certified massage therapist will educate runners in correct stretching and stretching techniques.

Therapy for Musicians

Arm and hand massage therapy for pianists is remarkable. Massage therapy for musicians is a way to avoid chronic conditions of muscular strain caused by repetitive muscle use. Mick got massage therapy for pianists to relieve pain from tightness in his arms and hands from playing the piano regularly.

Massage therapy for guitarists alleviates hand pain and shoulder pain. Proper holding of a guitar is necessary to avoid chronic shoulder pain. Massage therapy with corrective stretching and strengthening techniques will help the pain of guitar playing.

Shoulder Pain Therapy

Massage therapy relieved Dolores’ shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can develop from unhealthy postural habits where the shoulder joint is misaligned. Massage therapy by a qualified massage therapist can relieve shoulder pain.

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