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Joe Danna, CNMT
Joe Danna, CNMT

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Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

HOLY MOLY! Joe —- If I could give him 50 million stars I would! I myself do Thai massage, and deep stretching for a living so I am VERY picky about who works on my body! Joe was so knowledgeable and made me so comfortable! I am so looking fwd to my next session! Customer for life! Thank you Joe!

Jenna Hillard, August 2021



Seeing Joe for a little over a year. Joe is a lifesaver. I have severe chronic widespread pain and his massages ( and friendship) mean the world. He is very very good at what he does. I would HIGHLY recommend above any other therapist in the area.

Steph Kirkos June 2021


Wish I cam to you sooner!!!

Amazing!!!!! I wish I could give you 10 stars! I feel absolutely amazing after my first session. Joe is fantastic. He does a thorough evaluation and gives great recommendations for stretches and strengthening. You can tell he is very passionate about what he does. I cannot believe how much tension he got out of my shoulders in that one session. Wish I came to you sooner!!! I will definitely be back soon. Thank you so much Joe!

Teddy Stone December 2020



I always go to Joe for a massage. He knows a multitude of techniques, is compassionate and is able to provide a wonderful massage. I feel like I was just on vacation after seeing him yesterday. I was so stressed and beginning to get ill. He plays lovely music during the massage and you are the only one there. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a true professional!

Barbara Orr June 2014


Really made a difference with my pain

Joe is truly the best. He helped me as I was healing from breaking my spine in five places. He was so knowledgeable and professional and provided much needed relief. Joe really cares and was the only person that I felt really made a difference with my pain. Thank you Joe!!!

MeiLing Loo February 2017


Ironman team

I consider Joe part of my “Team” I am an athlete and have been training for my second Ironman and hopefully will earn a spot at the Kona World Championships. This is tough stuff on the body, but with proper stretching and massage therapy to keep things from tightening up- the body stays happy. The following is a note I sent to Joe following one of my visits: pretty much sums it up- HE WORKS!

> Thought you should know- I have had the best results already from today’s> work- I appreciate the time you take to get the work done- you are stand> alone as a massage therapist- bodies don’t respond because the hour is over-> and as an athlete that spends countless hours trying to be the best I can> be, having you on my team to keep me going is much appreciated!

Sarah Crane 2013


Thorough and skilled

I booked a massage with Joe, looking for some relief from hip pain. He was thorough, skilled and great to work with. He was great at explaining what he was doing and why, and looked for feedback to ensure I was comfortable. Awesome experience, rebooking for next week!

donna pease 2015


Great advice

I have frozen shoulder, so I went to see Joe at Atlantic Massage. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. He gave me so much great advice. Couldn’t be happier with the service.

Lorien Green 2018



Great place, Joe is wonderful!

Mark Stern October 2021


Results, Respect, Recommend

Dana is so knowledgeable and effective- you will receive the results needed. Highly respected and recommend.

Billie Jo Thompson 2019



Very friendly and knowledgeable. He really cares about what he’s doing.

Karen Dinjian 2017


True professional

I always go to Joe for a massage. He knows a multitude of techniques, is compassionate and is able to provide a wonderful massage. I feel like I was just on vacation after seeing him yesterday. I was so stressed and beginning to get ill. He plays lovely music during the massage and you are the only one there. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a true professional!

Barbara Orr


Joe really cares

Joe is truly the best. He helped me as I was healing from breaking my spine in five places. He was so knowledgeable and professional and provided much needed relief. Joe really cares and was the only person that I felt really made a difference with my pain. Thank you Joe!!!

MeiLing Loo


Couldn’t be happier

I have frozen shoulder, so I went to see Joe at Atlantic Massage. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. He gave me so much great advice. Couldn’t be happier with the service.

Lorien Green



Joe Dana is so knowledgeable and effective- you will receive the results needed. Highly respected and recommend.

Billie Jo Thompson


Joe is an educated healer

Let me start with the obvious. If I’m writing a review for a massage therapist then you can assume I have some pain. I do. I have pain in my neck, shoulder, hip and back, for starters.

If you have a lot of chronic pain you’ve probably tried massage therapy too. I’ve been to a number of massage therapists over the years. Some are good. A few aren’t. Very few are really good at pain relief.Joe Danna (he’s Atlantic Massage) is really educated about anatomy. He has those human body muscle charts on his wall and he’s constantly referring to them to narrow down the source of the pain issues.Joe has treated pain in my neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back and feet. I have SIGNIFICANT pain relief in all of these area. The most incredible is the work on my hip. I never let anyone touch my hip because it feels so bruised all of the time. Joe is patient. He knows to go slowly and respect limits. (I feel like my hip is a stray dog just coming around to trusting people.) We’ve now done significant work on loosening adhesions and scare tissue in my lower back and right side. That’s pretty amazing to me.Joe favors trigger point therapy. Nine times out of ten pressing on a trigger point and breathing through the pain (like childbirth breathing) totally relieves a muscle spasm. The tenth out of ten is just not going to let go. I am very tolerant of the discomfort not because I like it but because I know it will lead to pain relief after 20 seconds or so. But if this is not your thing then say so. Joe is very respectful of his clients. I think he’d head toward the most effective treatment first. More sensitive people just need to say that you want relaxation massage therapy only and you are not intersted in the healing benefits of trigger point therapy. Or maybe start slowly with it.Joe seems very passionate about helping people. Some people choose massage therapy out of a list of 14 different things they might do for a living. Joe is a true giver, and is more the type who was really meant to be in the healing profession.

Caroline Bogart



Amazing!!!!! I wish I could give you 10 stars! I feel absolutely amazing after my first session. Joe is fantastic. He does a thorough evaluation and gives great recommendations for stretches and strengthening. You can tell he is very passionate about what he does. I cannot believe how much tension he got out of my shoulders in that one session. Wish I came to you sooner!!! I will definitely be back soon. Thank you so much Joe!

Teddy Stone

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Great massage as always. Joe knows how everything is connected and what muscles and joints to work.

Jordan Guagliumi
Dec 24, 2020
Customer since Oct 2017

Still the best

Since moving farther away I’ve visited other massage therapists, but Joe is still the best and well worth the travel. He is able to zero in on the problem area(s) right away and provide relief. I’ve not found anyone as capable and committed. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Dec 4, 2020
Customer since Jun 2019


Great bodywork for lower back!

I went to Joe because of tightness from 2 herniated discs. He was able to figure out what parts of my body were knotted up and got them released. He was very careful to adjust his technique to my health history, something that I don’t always observe. Highly recommended…I got my wife a gift certificate for bodywork too.

Michael Cooper
Nov 28, 2020
Customer since Nov 2020


Recent Massage

I went to Joe for the first time yesterday in much pain. Joe worked the specific areas helping to loosen my low back and hip which were locked for several months. I will be going back to Joe and would recommend him.

Paul P
Nov 12, 2020
Customer since Nov 2020


Neck Pain

Joe is amazing – I always feel so much better when I leave an appt! He addresses tension in my neck abd the pain is gone!

Mimi T
Oct 29, 2020
Customer since Jul 2020


Tune Up

Thought I was stopping by for a tune up. Its been a while. Joe started working on me. He found some trouble spots. I walked out better, then when I walked in. Thanks, Joe!!!!!!

Tim P
Oct 18, 2020
Customer since Aug 2019


Sciatica pain

I had significant pain from sciatica for five days and I’m not exaggerating that after one hour with Joe it was reduced about 90%.!!!!! I could barely walk. He was professional, knowledgeable, humble and after the therapeutic massage, he showed me stretches and exercises to help continue my progress. He was totally focused on relieving my pain . He was respectful and remarkably effective.

Carol C
Oct 17, 2020
Customer since Oct 2020


Life saver

Joe has saved my life. I had a serious neck injury and the dr’s just kept treating it with pain killers and muscle relaxers. I was not going to be taking pills for the rest of my life so I began seeking alternate treatments. On the first visit to Atlantic message Joe evaluated me and began working on my neck right away. After only 1 visit I felt relief from the constant pain. Now I am pain free, I have referred friends and family to Joe all have had the same results. I will be a client for life!

Joel P
Aug 8, 2020
Customer since Jun 2018


Cervical dystonia with scoliosis

I have been suffering with this stupid kinked neck for about 4 months trying to find any form of relief. Joe took the time to research this weird dystonia and it has started to feel relief even after our first appointment! Thank you joe.

Ellie Dessurealt
Jul 26, 2020
Customer since Jul 2020


Joe Danna of Atlantic Massage

I started with Joe 12-years ago after a major car accident. For 6-months, I could barely walk 50-feet, hunched over & in pain. I went to a chiropractor every other day for this same period (and I am a believer in Chiropractic). He worked on my for 2.5 hours and it was the first time I could stand up and and had relief. He did a lot of work on my soft tissue & muscle spasms. Now I go every 2-4 months for a “tuneup”. Being 66-my back and hip are better than friends who have not had my trama.

Bill Mazerall
Jul 22, 2020
Customer since Nov 2015


Another great massage

Joe was right on target to address my issues. I recommend stating with the chair massage. Everything clean and safe. Thanks again Joe.

Jun 6, 2020
Customer since Jan 2020


No day at the spa

If you’re looking for someone who can help you feel better, then this is where you want to go. Joe is extremely knowledgeable and gives 110% to help elevate your pain. This isn’t a day at the spa. I can’t recommend Joe enough.

Joyce Young
Jun 6, 2020
Customer since May 2017


Excellent compliment to Physical Therapy

2-3 Times/week in Physical Therapy for frozen shoulder. Each session with Joe relaxes tense muscles and supports increased mobility, not just for the shoulder, but holistically. Thank you Joe for the excellent referral and the ongoing progress.

Mar 5, 2020
Customer since Jan 2020



Having neck aches that were causing headaches very often. The deep tissue work and massage did the trick to loosen things up. Great explanation of the reason for the tightness and headaches, so that’s great to know! Very pleased with the results.

Feb 21, 2020
Customer since Feb 2020


Super Knowledgeable

I had an hour long session, started with seating and then on the table. I came in with pretty extreme pain due to knots and irritated trigger points. Joe was extremely knowledgeable and I left feeling much relieved and informed, as I was given a handful of stretches to help relieve the pain at home and prevent future damage. I look forward to booking another session soon and further relief! Without having to say much at all he was able to locate and release the worst of my pain.

Ariele R
Jan 26, 2020
Customer since Jan 2020


Professional therapy

I did try different types of therapy for my back due to I have scoliosis. This one I would say one of my favorites. He knows what he is doing and you will feel the result even straight after. His technique is smooth what is important with such back problems, you need to warm the body up and then stretch. If someone cracks you – run away before you get worse. I would highly recommend Atlantic not only for professional technic but also for a very friendly and comfortable business atmosphere.

Jan 5, 2020
Customer since Aug 2019


New Woman

Amazing massage just what my body needed. Gentle but hit every aching muscle. Left feeling like a new person. Looking forward to my next visit.

Debbie Lielasus
Dec 27, 2019
Customer since Jan 2019


Excellent Treatment

He is absolutely the best massage therapist. He is more helpful than any classic family medicine practice of today if you have any muscular pain or tension issues. NH is lucky to have him. I look forward for my next one.

Ozlem Golden
Dec 25, 2019
Customer since Jun 2019



Amazingly healing. This isn’t a fluffy relaxing massage, but the most therapeutic. Just what I need.

Richard A
Dec 4, 2019
Customer since Oct 2019


Active person

Joe doesn’t just give you a massage. You are actually educated to understand how your muscles are working together and what he can do to help you feel better and what you can continue to do to encourage positive movement.

Christine Sheehan
Nov 23, 2019
Customer since Nov 2019


Full body deep tissue massage

Another lovely deep tissue massage from Joe! I explained to Joe the feeling of blockage in my chest during yoga lately and my broken knuckle! Joe was very clear about what he could help me with via anatomical muscular diagrams and vocal explanation. I felt physically swimming afterwards, my hand around my broken knuckle was more open and lose, and I absolutely noticed more fluidity in my yoga flow routine! Thank you again Joe, your understanding and respect of the human mind and body!

Mandy Corrigan
Oct 2, 2019
Customer since Apr 2019


Atlantic Massage Awesome Deep Tissue Work

If you want some serious deep tissue work done due to past trauma, I HIGHLY recommend Joe Danna at Atlantic Massage. Had major pain and other issues from several car accidents. Joe’s work helped in ways that I find difficult to explain. Pain pills from the doctor, multiple visits weekly to the Chiropractor and still little relief. Joe worked on scar tissue and other results from the accidents. Feel 20-years younger!

William Mazerall
Sep 11, 2019
Customer since Sep 2019


Best Massage Every

I had a major car accident over 10-years ago. To put it succinctly and not using hyperbole, Joe saved my health. I was in such pain, I was going to a Chiropractor probably every other day to relieve the pain. Joe worked on my my first time for over 2-hours and helped me regain a pain free life. If do not often make this offer but feel free to call me at 603.318.9422 if you have questions. He is that good! Now I go every few months for a tune up so to speak!

Bill Mazerall
Aug 21, 2019
Customer since Nov 2015


Aching back

If you’re looking for a day at the spa don’t go here. If you’re looking for someone who can help relieve your pain issues, sore tight muscles, and who truly knows the skeletal system of the body ,then see Joe. He is truly amazing!

joyce y
Aug 17, 2019
Customer since May 2017


Goodbye stress & tension!

Being a therapist myself and have experienced good & bad massages, I give Joe A+. He keeps up to date in his work and listens to your complaints and delvers the best treatment possible to relieve your aches & pains and also gives helpful hints to prevent them from reoccurring.

Aug 16, 2019
Customer since Aug 2019


Knowledgeable and Thorough

Joe knows all the interactions of the muscle and skeletal system very well. He can pinpoint troublesome areas and their causes/ effects to bring relief. He’s very attune to what is bothering you and will work to specifically bring healing, there’s no one size fits all froofy massage with him. He’s very compassionate and attentive to your needs, constantly checking your pain tolerance level, but communicative if he needs to push you a little to bring relief. Highly recommend him!

Aug 13, 2019
Customer since Jul 2019


There’s no one better.

Client for several years. Joe’s intuition in what your body needs is just stellar. He always goes the extra mile to solve pain and tension issues.

J. R.
Aug 4, 2019
Customer since Apr 2014


Wish there was a way to give 10 stars !

Joe knows his craft like no other. He takes the time and effort to personalize what you need and is the best at what he does, Hands down (pun intended). My wife and I both have benefited from him greatly, have tried many others, no one compares.

Steven Count
Aug 1, 2019
Customer since Jul 2019


Consistency is key!

One of the great things about Joe is his consistency. He consistently does excellent work. I have never had a “less than excellent” experience. If you’re new to the area or just beginning to look into muscular therapies: Book an appointment, you won’t be disappointed with Joe!

Ian C
Jul 25, 2019
Customer since Oct 2018


The best!

The best massage in Nashua! So glad I found Atlantic Massage and Muscular Therapies. So easy to book appointments, easy to get to with convenient parking. A comfortable and professional setting!

Jul 20, 2019
Customer since Jun 2019


Thumbs of Steel

Joe is so knowledgeable, and has thumbs of steel which is just what I needed. He gave me stretches and exercises to help with my aches and pains.

Nicole Vignola
Jun 28, 2019
Customer since Apr 2017


Best Massage Therapy I have ever received!

He is extremely professional in muscular therapy, and definitely has God given talent! I have not had such a unique treatment before. I highly suggest him to people who has been suffering from long term pain and could not find any solution from doctors.

O A Golden
Jun 27, 2019
Customer since Jun 2019


Relaxing Environment, Clarifying body work

Joe has a calming space for allowing the body to open up and receive the healing of deep tissue massage. I always feel welcome, supported and encouraged to heal and grow.

Mandy Corrigan
Jun 22, 2019
Customer since Apr 2019


Lucky day!

So glad I went online and booked a much needed massage. Got a lot of education and stretching to continue my progress. I highly recommend Joe Danna.

gail h
Jun 7, 2019
Customer since Jun 2019


Massage and Physical Therapy for healing what aches.

I have a physical disability. Physical Therapy given to me by an excellent therapist allowed me to improve. I have recovered enough to use Joe’s massage services. I asked Joe of Atlantic Massage to email my Physical Therapist because I was concerned about the type of massage I should get due to numerous and confusing medical diagnosis. Joe not only contacted the Physical Therapist but massaged me after reviewing her notes and suggestions perfectly. these days that level of care is missing.

Bob Wysolmierski
May 31, 2019
Customer since May 2019


the absolute best

Joe makes the pain go away at least for a while and provides the technical support to help with the daily grind — the best absolutely

Jim W
May 19, 2019
Customer since Jun 2018



Great first time experience with a thorough evaluation and then deep tissue massage focusing on the sciatica and neck issues I have. Was given excersises to stretch certain areas which is very helpful. Went to Atlantic (Joe) partly because of the reviews and also the muscular therapy incorporated in the massage. Not rushed at all and spent plenty of time explaining. If you have pain I suggest you give Joe a try. I already started recommending to others.

Virgil Goodwin
May 15, 2019
Customer since May 2019


Deep Tissue Massage

I was afraid of deep tissue massage and thought I would lay down on a table and take whatever came to me, because my posture was poor and my scoliosis wasn’t going to align itself. I was pleased and eased after an in-depth and patient conversation about human anatomy and what would help my particular stance. Joe gave me the understanding to continue working with my structure rather than against it. The next day, though I was slightly sore, I felt airy, fluid and open. My body and I are thankful!

Mandy Corrigan
Apr 19, 2019
Customer since Apr 2019



Joe is exceptional! His knowledge of the body and attention to detail makes him absolutely the best in the business.

Mike Harrington
Apr 13, 2019
Customer since Sep 2016


Excellent Work

I am very satisfied when I leave! He is not affraid to go deep into your muscles if you want him to but also receptive to not causing unnecessary pain. I will be going back.

David Kenney
Apr 7, 2019
Customer since Feb 2019


Best Investment In Your Body’s Health That You Can Make

For a great deep-tissue massage, there is no one better than Joe Danna. Started going to him over 10-years ago after a MAJOR car accident. PT, Chiropractor and pills did not help. After my first secession, it was the first time that I could stand up straight in more than 6-months. Now my kids like to get a gift certificate for all the typical reasons (Birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas) and it keeps me and my back in great shape. In the long end, it will keep you healthy and pain free.

Bill Mazerall
Apr 2, 2019
Customer since Nov 2015


Excellent service

Joe listens to your needs and addresses those needs..great customer service. Gives out exercise tips to improve posture.

Mar 8, 2019
Customer since Nov 2018


Doing great

Joe, thanks for being there; doing much better. Keep up the good work. See you next week. .

Mar 7, 2019
Customer since Mar 2017



He always does a great job. He goes above and beyond. i would recommend him if you are looking for a masssage.

Anthony Cannedy
Mar 3, 2019
Customer since Apr 2016



Thank you so much Joe!!! Joe took the time to find out and see what my problem areas were and what I was looking to accomplish. He did a fantastic job of making me feel comfortable. Upon conclusion of our session, he showed me things I could do to in my everyday living to make things easier on my body. Great Job, Ethan

Ethan L
Feb 21, 2019
Customer since Feb 2019


Better then going to my Doc.

Thank You Joe :I had a muscle spasm between my shoulder blades saw Joe and feel better because of it.If i had seen the doctor i would not feel as good as i do right now .Thank You again Joe.Take care

william brown
Feb 20, 2019
Customer since Jul 2018


Atlantic Massage & Muscular Therapies Review

Joe is amazing. I have going to him for 11-years recovering from a major car accident. Before I met Joe, I was going to a Chiropractor every 1.5 days for 6-months after the accident due to the pain to maybe seeing a chiro 2xs per year now. MD’s give you pills and Joe gave me relief. At 64, my back, neck and the rest of me are in better shape than many of my friends who never suffered trauma. I opted for the deep tissue work and without exaggerating, Joe saved my life!

Feb 3, 2019
Customer since Nov 2015


Dr. Of Bone&Tissue /stretching w/great results

I feel that Joe is so very good at findings of an evaluation that after the initial massage you feel instantaneous results .With the the stretches he gives you that it is easy to feel good 24/7.Thank U Joe 100x over.

William B
Feb 3, 2019
Customer since Jul 2018


Best local massage

Joe is very knowledgeable and always works out my issues. He worked on problem areas that I let go because I don’t stretch enough.

Stressed female
Feb 1, 2019
Customer since Jul 2016


Happy neck!

I have severe degenerative joint disease, osteo arthritis in my neck. While I enjoy a full body massage on occasion, the deep tissue neuro muscular work that Joe provides is highly beneficial for my care. He is caring, personal, compassionate and ultimately concerned with my overall well being. After a session with Joe my neck and shoulders feel happy! Joe provides superior, professional expertise and care unlike no other!

Susan D
Jan 31, 2019
Customer since Aug 2016


review of Joe Danna

Joe Danna is an Amazing Massage Therapist and beyond. He knows exactly what pressure points to work on according to the touch. He also is an old spririt that reminds me of a native american indian. he emits such purity you can feel only positive flow of energy in his domain. your body starts to heal if u follow his leads. Unbelievable feeling when u leave. a pure natural high! Thank You Joe for all You Have Done for me.Never went to anyone better! P. Ledoux

patty ledoux
Jan 29, 2019
Customer since Jul 2016



Joe is so knowledgeable, and has mastered the art of massage. He gives such a genuine whole body wellness experiencej!

Nicole Vignola
Jan 23, 2019
Customer since Apr 2017


Make’n your upper body feel good in short time

Let’s talk about how Joe knows what our body needs after an eval. to feel greater.It’s like heaven after he finishes giving A massage.You know your body needs have been met

william brown
Jan 5, 2019
Customer since Jul 2018


Aching back

Joe always seems to work his magic. I go in , in a lot of discomfort, Joe always seems to make things a whole lot more manageable.

Joyce Y
Jan 3, 2019
Customer since May 2017


Professional and exceptional expertise

I received relief from neck pain and also from hip pain by Joe Dana’s massage and muscular therapies. Joe masterfully massaged the areas of discomfort but also educated me about my problem areas and how posture could be a contributing factor. Joe also shared home exercises for prevention and alleviation of pain as it arises. Joe’s therapies were effective and I have returned and will again.

diane w
Dec 23, 2018
Customer since Oct 2018


Could hardly walk

This is the second time Joe has worked miracles for me. My sciatica was so inflamed that I could hardly walk. Kept playing telephone tag with my doctors office. I made an appointment with Joe for a massage and could actually walk out of his office. He told me what I should be doing to help elevate the pain and swelling. Will be seeing Joe for 3 more appointments. Thank you Joe for your advice!!

joyce y
Dec 14, 2018
Customer since May 2017


It takes a village!

Joe will address your needs, areas of concern, and is always happy to explain what he’s doing and why! In the short time I’ve been working with Joe he’s done an amazing job and has helped me remain flexible and injury free during basketball season. Joe is committed to and encourages me to be successful by giving me stretches to perform on the road to stay loose. I would recommend Joe to anyone, you can’t go wrong!

Ian C
Nov 19, 2018
Customer since Oct 2018


Deep tissue

I am an athlete and I have always been extremely happy with the results of Joes work. He keeps me training injury free. Highly recommend.

Nov 18, 2018
Customer since Jan 2018


Great experience!

Joe was really a wonderful person to deal with! He has great customer service. He had some great advice on how to help with my back issues. The massage really hit those areas of my back I was concerned about. I was really impressed with the whole experience.

Dave Gingras
Oct 19, 2018
Customer since Oct 2018


Simply the best!

Don’t bother trying to get an appointment elsewhere – try Joe first. He will fix what hurts! The best!

Amy K
Oct 7, 2018
Customer since Feb 2016


Stellar Work

As an avid runner, I have been to several massage therapists over the years for deep tissue work. Joe is fantastic and definitely knows his stuff and how to get you pain free and restore flexibility. Highly recommend Joe for his knowledge and workmanship.

Sep 26, 2018
Customer since Feb 2016


Amazing work

First visit was for a back issue that I couldn’t get rid of he did his magic and few days later I was good to go and pain hasn’t returned . This last visit new injury neck and lower back… same result ! Great work And thank you!!

Sep 5, 2018
Customer since Nov 2015


Speechless to all the Positive Results!!

My son is an athlete who WAS constantly complaining of hip/leg/back pain along with headaches regularly. We reached out to Joe and were amazed with his knowledge of the body, muscle systems and how all things are connected. He took the time to explain so we could understand. My son says he feels amazing and hasn’t complained of headaches (which he has had for years) since we started going to see Joe 2 weeks ago. I’m speechless to the all the positive results we have seen!! Thank you Joe!!

Jenny O
Jul 28, 2018
Customer since Jul 2018


Painless Now

Well I went to his practice not expecting much that he could do to make me painless r1ight after and, the stretches he gave me to keep me pain free will help .Thank You again & again.

william brown
Jul 18, 2018
Customer since Jul 2018


Fantastic sessions always

Joe’s knowledge and commitment to the art of Massage make every visit an adventure in solving and body balance issues presented to him. His instincts are unparalleled and his attention to detail exemplary. Would recommend him to anyone seeking both a casual relaxing session or more intensive body work.

J. R.
Jun 27, 2018
Customer since Apr 2014


Joe is the best!

If you want the most experienced, competent, knowledgeable and caring massage therapist, go to Joe!!

Debra Glassman
Jun 23, 2018
Customer since Jun 2018


Excellent –one of the Best

Kudos to Joe as I have seen more than my fair share of massage therapists over the years. Joe is one that really understands the issues and can produce results! Highly recommend to anyone–especially us runners!

Greg A
Jun 14, 2018
Customer since Feb 2016


Targeted massage

Joe is amazing. He does a thorough assessment with you and then really focuses on the areas you need massaged. He is so knowledgeable and is always passes on health informatics,action. Best in town!

May 22, 2018
Customer since Jun 2017


Helped a lot!

Joe took the time to educate me on my posture and what I should be doing differently to help alleviate my pain. You can tell he really loves what he does, and it shows through his work. Joe also gave me tips and exercises to do to correct my posture.

Lauren B
May 15, 2018
Customer since May 2018


Great Job!

Joe treated my right hand’s swollen knuckles and pain in the middle and ring fingers. Had been to Orthopedic surgeon in Boston and he was clueless.

Kevin W
Apr 22, 2018
Customer since Mar 2017



Dr Joe did a fantastic job assessing my issues and addressing them appropriately. I left feeling a lot better than when I got there!

Jessica R
Apr 13, 2018
Customer since Apr 2018


Excellent massage and exercises to heal back pain and neck

Joe is amazing! After discussing my neck and back pain Joe worked on my tense, sore muscles and focused on healing the underlying layers that may be causing my pain. He got the tension out of my body!! Can’t wait to to this again!! Thank you Joe

Rena Hausberger
Apr 4, 2018
Customer since Apr 2018


Atlantic Massage Review

I was in a major car accident 10-years ago last April. Could barely function with neck & back pain. Had to go to a Chiropractor every 1.5 days just to function. I went to Joe for the first time 6-months after the accident. He worked on me for 2-hours, focusing on soft tissue issues (spasms, scar tissue, etc.). It was the first time I felt normal after the accident. Now I go to see Joe ever couple of months and have not been to a chiropractor in 7-years. 5-STARS in my experience.

Bill Mazerall
Feb 17, 2018
Customer since Nov 2015


Excellent body work

Joe is very knowledgeable regarding body mechanics and muscle dynamics. His work relieved my pain, and the exercises he gave me are already helping. Highly recommended.

Phyllis M
Feb 7, 2018
Customer since Feb 2018


Healing through Massage

I highly recommend Atlantic Massage and Muscular Therapies. Joe took time to assess my areas of trouble and discussed follow up exercises to reduce my neck and shoulder pain. It was clear after meeting with him that he is very experienced. I was so pleased with my first experience that I purchased a package of four 90 minute massages. Within a few days after my first massage I began to feel better than I have in months. Thank you Jo

Lynn Craig
Jan 21, 2018
Customer since Jan 2018



Great guy..knows his stuff! I recently found atlantic massage for sciatica pain and tightness along with trigger points in my back..he explained everything I feel better than I have in a long time…ive been doing the homework he sent me home with and it’s amazing relief!! Thanks a million!!

Christine Houle
Jan 14, 2018
Customer since Jan 2018


Shoulder pain relief

Great deep tissue massage — relieves the pain in my shoulder like nothing else — Great and knowledgeable guy — not cheap but worth every cent — I sleep better every night

James Wood
Jan 4, 2018
Customer since Apr 2017


Highly recommended

Joe has done a great job; highly recommended! Very convenient location. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

Dec 6, 2017
Customer since Mar 2017


Excellent services.

Very thorough consultation and execution of multiple massage therapies. Private setting, comfortable. Highly recommended.

Satisfied customer
Dec 2, 2017
Customer since Apr 2014


Excellent Service

Joe is really good and experienced knows how much pressure to apply at right spots. Interacts well to know the pain areas. Gave good tips for better body posture and to take care of hamstrings and calf muscles.

Anil menezes
Oct 22, 2017
Customer since Oct 2017


Great massage

Joe really knows his craft. He asks lots of questions of his clients and can pinpoint any trouble spots you may have. He is definitely one of the best massage practitioners I have been to.

Oct 8, 2017
Customer since Feb 2017


Joe Really CARES!

I received a visit as a birthday gift to Atlantic Massage from my family out of state. Made the appointment online (very easy). Then got to meet Joe and he is awesome! He really cares about his clients and it shows! Strongly recommend him to anyone!

Sep 20, 2017
Customer since Sep 2017


Not just a massage

I stumbled upon Joe by chance last year, in desperate need of a massage. His technique and explanation of what he is doing is refreshing. He also followed up with exercises after the appointment as well as in a detailed e-mail I returned again this year and he didn’t disappoint, just wish I lived closer.

Aug 19, 2017
Customer since Aug 2017


V Professional and knows his stuff!

I have been seeing Joe weekly for deep work for migraines for almost a year now. He has been a huge help in treating my migraines! His knowledge of anatomy and techniques is amazing. Besides the fact that he always relieves lots of tension and muscle tightness, he has explained to me where the migraine pain originates and refers from. Also sends me home with stretches to do on my own. Invaluable and very laid back too.

lisa m
Jul 26, 2017
Customer since Apr 2017



Too bad there was no elevator for the 2nd floor because my telephone conversation with Joe was great. Joe spent considerable time on the phone listening to me and trying to help me. I am sure he would be a valuable person to see and work with. Hope he moves to a better location.

Robert W
Jun 22, 2017
Customer since Jun 2017


Aching Back

Joe has been wonderful, he is teaching me new ways to stretch, to keep the muscles loose. He’s very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Joe.

May 24, 2017
Customer since May 2017


Great Experience!

Before the first session, Joe took the time to listen and help figure out how the time would be best spent. After the session, he took the time to demonstrate exercises and stretches that could possibly help alleviate my pain. He even sent educational video links via email! While his knowledge is impressive, it’s his interest in finding the right treatment that makes him unique.

Susan C
May 19, 2017
Customer since May 2017



Joe is a pleasure to talk to. Doesn’t make things awkward as I was nervous before I walked in. Helped me with a lot of ailments. Thank you Joe!

Jo Nelan
May 17, 2017
Customer since May 2017


Excellent Quality Massage

Joe is a very competent massage therapist. He is committed to a continuous improvement of his skills through training and development. He has been my massage professional for over 10 years & he continues to inform me & help me with my deep tissue massage needs.

Matt P
May 10, 2017
Customer since May 2017



Joe certainly knows his stuff about the body and providing lasting relief — he quickly recognizes your problems and works to solve them in an expedient manner

James Wood
May 7, 2017
Customer since Apr 2017



Joe does such an excellent job and quickly identifies the problem areas, and teaches stretching and strengthening excercises.

Apr 14, 2017
Customer since Apr 2017


Excellent massage

Joe is very knowledgeable and delivers an excellent massage! He takes the time to properly assess his clients and truly cares about their well being. Highly recommend him!

Kristine D
Mar 9, 2017
Customer since Mar 2017


Freedom from tight muscles and pain

I have Cerebral Palsy, which means, for me, spastic, tight muscles throughout my body. A muscular massage given by Joe, relaxes my muscles, reduces tension and increases blood flow. My body is more alive and ultimately pain free. Joe is skilled at finding all the painful trigger points and releasing them. He does so, with care and attention to my pain level and any concerns that I may have. Thank you Joe, for the GIFT of YOU!!

Assunta Riley
Feb 24, 2017
Customer since Nov 2015


Very knowledgeable

He knows what he does and gets good results. I’ve back problems for a decade and Joe has been important part of the treatment. Highly recommended!

Minna Sutinen
Jan 19, 2017
Customer since Jun 2014


A double gift

My massage was my daughter’s gift to me & was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received: one hour of stretches and muscle treatments that left me totally relaxed, yet energized and refreshed – ready for anything. I will be going back soon.

Michael-Ellen Wood
Jan 5, 2017
Customer since Dec 2016


Amazing massage experience

I have had numerous appointments with Joe, all to address acute/chronic issues. Joe is amazing at identifying your issues and helping you work through them. On my very first visit, I had an evaluation and then a combination of seated (clothed) bodywork and a session on the table. It was effective and unlike any other massage I have had. Joe even took the extra time to email me specific stretches to do at home to help me get relief. Highly recommended.

Michelle L
Dec 31, 2016
Customer since Nov 2016


Not just a massage…

For over a decade, I have experienced physical discomfort ranging from normal to severe. I have experienced several well-qualified professionals and have always walked out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. However, after experiencing Joe’s massage, about 4 years ago, I walked out with the additional feeling of HOPE. Joe has an intimate knowledge of, a great intuition for the human body, and special ability for healing through various techniques that is matched by no other.

Melanie Noel
Dec 29, 2016
Customer since Dec 2016


Outstanding theraputic massage.

Joe at Atlantic massage is, simply put, the best massage therapist I have ever seen. Relief and results are always the outcome for me. I have had some acute trauma where muscular therapies were the physician recommendations and Joe delivers. He is dialed in to my issues and the belief in how much he really cares about helping is all part of the experience. Massage therapy can be expensive and Joe offered packages that made it a little easier. I have never regretted a single dollar I spent here!

Dana K
Dec 29, 2016
Customer since Aug 2016


Exceptional muscular therapy

I scheduled a deep muscular massage as my first appointment here, and Joe was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable, able to ask the right questions, and very atune to my comfort level. I was looking for someone with real knowledge of anatomy/structure, who could help with a specific problem, and he did just that while still managing to treat other tension points along the way. Even gave helpful exercises to do at home. He’d be great for any type of massage, and I will definitely be back.

Kate M
Nov 20, 2016
Customer since Nov 2016


Truly medical

I do recommend Joe for simple reasons. *** It is not only a massage, it is a truly scientific massage based on muscles structure and their locations. *** Joe detects the muscle nodal points before even the patient indicates it. *** A thorough massage and stretching of the muscles relief you immediately from the pain. *** It is just amazing.

Nov 4, 2016
Customer since Oct 2016


Neuro Muscular Therapy

It is an uplifting massage which reliefs pinning pain on neck, shoulders,arms legs and back. I do recommend him for his experience, and his pleasant session.

Nov 4, 2016
Customer since Oct 2016


Truly amazing!

I can’t recommend Joe enough! Very, very thorough massage (and more) that seems to fix me up right every time I see him. Joe also really listens to your issues (unlike many others) which makes a world of difference in the treatment he provides!

Oct 19, 2016
Customer since Oct 2016



Joe is extremely nice and knowledgeable. I learned a lot about my posture and he gave me stretches to do at home to help correct it! The advanced body work therapy is more like physical therapy rather than a typical message, he focuses on stretching and loosening muscle tension. Feel better after just one visit, can’t wait to go back!

Karen D
Oct 7, 2016
Customer since Oct 2016



Joe D. has made my personal health and mindset 100 % better. Each session with Joe proves to me that his service and expertise are something which I wish I’d discovered 20 years ago. Joe is the most professional and thorough massage therapist I have ever experienced. Do yourself a favor —book with Joe. Joe did not ask me to write this. It’s plain truth.

Chris Fuery
Oct 3, 2016
Customer since May 2016


Relieved head pain

Joe came in after hours to address a tension headache, which he said he only had twenty minutes and he ended up spending 1.5 hours on my neck. Great massage therapist and is very knowledgable. Highly recommend

Sep 28, 2016
Customer since Sep 2016


Neck / Lower back/ Shoulder

Joe is a professional in every sense of the word. I see him very faithfully since my back and neck surgeries. He is one of the main reasons I have recovered so well and I am finally back to work again. He is very informative and knowledgeable about his trade and it shows. His attitude is exceptional and he was always willing to go the extra mile when others would not. I am deeply grateful to Joe for his continued help and support and highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Joe

Bob M
Sep 18, 2016
Customer since Sep 2015


Wonderful Deep Left Leg and Hip Massage

Once again, Joe made my left leg and hip feel much, much better. Unfortunately, I live 2 hours away, or I would be visiting Joe again very soon. He has a way to make you feel so much better, and he offered suggestions for exercises, as well. I will definitely visit him once again when I am in the Nashua area.

Patricia Lavallee
Sep 11, 2016
Customer since Mar 2016


Best evwe

I was vacationing in Nashua and needed to go to a massage therapist . Joe was very thorough and took time to explain what had been going on in my body. I wished I lived there so I could go to him regularly. I booked 90 minutes but went to 120. Helped me so I was able to move without the pain. Will definitely go back when I am in town again. Wish he was here in California

Fay Smith
Sep 7, 2016
Customer since Aug 2016


very nice experience!

Joe reviewed and addressed my needs . He was thoughtful and thorough. You can feel his passion for his work and his desire to heal . It is so hard to find massage therapists who can truly work with your specific issues and actually help. I’ll definitely be back.

Kathy S
Aug 25, 2016
Customer since Jul 2016


Above and beyond

Joe is amazing – his deep tissue massage work is the best I’ve ever had. What’s more, Joe shows me stretches and exercises to improve my neck and shoulders. His objective is not just to give me a massage for an hour and send me one my way, but, rather, to help me understand what I’m doing to aggravate my neck and shoulders and give me exercises I can do strengthen my muscles and decrease my pain. He also emailed me additional instruction! — He goes above and beyond.

Aug 18, 2016
Customer since Jul 2016


Neuromuscular massage

I saw Joe on Wednesday and the next day, on Thursday morning, it was the first day I got up without pain! I couldn’t believe it, it was so great! This guy knows his stuff. I will definitely return. He also suggested some exercises to help my glutes and my posture. High marks, high praise!

Jim S
Aug 12, 2016
Customer since Aug 2016


Attention to detail!!

This was my first time seeing Joe and compared to other MT his neuromuscular knowledge and attention to detail is second to none. He took time to listen, helped with my neck, back and arm pain and gave me numerous tips and exercises to educate me on ways to reduce and prevent future pain. I got significant pain relief from his therapy and I will see him again.He is excellent.

Jul 23, 2016
Customer since Jul 2016



I’m a wood flooring contractor. When I’m not lugging heavy sanding equipment in out of residential homes, I’m crawling around hardwood floors on my hands and knees all day. It’s a labor intensive job, and as you might imagine, it puts a fair amount of strain on the body. That’s where Joe and Atlantic Message come in. I get a lot tightness in my back and neck, but since I’ve started seeing Joe it doesn’t bother me nearly as much.

Matt H
Jul 23, 2016
Customer since Jul 2016


Muscular Massage that relaxes my muscles and reinvigorates my entire body.

Thank you Joe, for a massage that relieves pain, relaxes and reinvigorates my entire body. You manage to find places that hurt that I wasn’t aware of and remove the stress and the pain. Thank you for listening and responding to my needs as you move through the massage. Thank you for the GIFT of YOU and the GIFT you GIVE.

Assunta Riley
Jul 5, 2016
Customer since Nov 2015


first visit

I was very pleased with my first visit with Joe, very knowledgeable and thorough with evaluating my problem and addressing it I will be making a return visit

DAvid D
May 21, 2016
Customer since May 2016


Free Evaluation

Found Joe Danna very friendly and informative. He did not rush the evaluation and spent a great deal of time explaining what he could or could not do for me regarding my situation. He even showed me a few exercises I could do at home to help me at no charge.

Audrey Stapleford
May 9, 2016
Customer since May 2016


Not Just Any Massage

I signed up for a firm Swedish massage to help loosen me up after a half marathon. What I got was some intense (to me) muscle and ITB therapy. I took up running a couple years ago and have been suffering with ITBS for almost a year now. Again, this is not why I went to see Joe but I’m grateful he asked the right questions which prompted this course for treatment. In the end, if this helps a little I’ll be a very satisfied customer.

May 3, 2016
Customer since Apr 2016



I was expecting to use the last 1.5 hour session of the series I bought in 2014. Joe had reached out to remind me I still had a session left– an action that by itself deserves a five star review. Half way through the session I knew I’d b buying a new package. Joe is that skilled and talented. I have arthritis throughout my back so I’m used to a certain level of pain. It was disorienting to walk out of there with a new gait that basically eliminated my lower back pain. Joe is The Back Whisperer.

Apr 27, 2016
Customer since Sep 2014


Excellent Service by Joe!

My first visit had awesome experience! I felt really good. He took his time(ran over but did not charge for that time), I will definitely make follow up appointments. I would highly recommend anyone having back or stress issues. He is very professional and cares for his parents.

Apr 24, 2016
Customer since Apr 2016


Skilled Muscular Therapist!

I’ve been going to Joe for the past several years but have never taken the time to write a review. Joe is extremely professional and a skilled muscular therapist. He has an innate ability to find target areas that need attention and the knowledge and experience to correct them. Joe has a great understanding of the muscular system and in addition to massage therapy will recommend specific exercises that, for me, have helped.

Phil P
Apr 18, 2016
Customer since Oct 2015


Joe is an exceptional healer!

Go see Joe for a time of healing and happiness which will permeate your entire life. Wisdom and caring!

Apr 8, 2016
Customer since Dec 2014


Great massages!

Joe is a great therapist and he always goes above and beyond in each session. He’s helped me relieve lots of back pain and also helps me continue my active lifestyle. Highly recommended!

Callie Durbrow
Mar 29, 2016
Customer since Aug 2014


Always a great massage!

Joe gives all his knowledge and expertise with every massage. I have had deep Swedish, as well at more targeted massage to address sievific issues, and all times I have left more than satisfied. He provides a secure, comfortable atmosphere, is always on time, and gives you every minute of attention. Highly recommended !

Donna P
Mar 24, 2016
Customer since Aug 2015


Best massage in the area!

I found Joe through a local search. I called to explain the medical reason for my massage and booked my first appt. When I arrived, Joe took the time to explain physiologically where the concerns may be coming from. Everything is connected. Through a variety of muscular charts, I was able to see what he was describing. It was like an Aha! moment. Through his careful, and specific pressure & stretch messaging, I felt immediate results and am now a permanent customer. Highly recommend!!!!!

Mar 16, 2016
Customer since Mar 2016



First time client. Joe was able to take me in as a last minute appointment for 90 minutes. Needed alot of work and asked if wanted to keep going as he found trouble areas and did great job. He knows how to work through problem areas. Would recommend him to anyone looking for good massage.

Mar 8, 2016
Customer since Mar 2016


Excellent Service

Joe knows exactly what he’s talking about and has helped me tremendously with a problem that I’m still not sure I can describe accurately. He is knowledgeable and understanding about my problems and does everything he can to help fix them. I would absolutely recommend Joe to anyone who needs muscular therapy!

Derek W
Mar 2, 2016
Customer since Sep 2015


Best around

Joe is the most knowledgeable massage therapist I have found. He listens to your issues and not only has a massage plan but gives your homework exercises to help strengthen your problem muscles at home. He genuinely cares for your overall health. Give Joe one try and you will also stop looking for any other massage therapist.

Feb 24, 2016
Customer since Dec 2014



Joe is quite simply the best at what he does. Other massage “therapists” just kinda rub your muscles some. Not Joe – he is the ultimate massage therapist – he really knows what he is doing. He will also evaluate your posture, listen to your description of what hurts, and tell you what you might be doing to possibly aggravate it, and demonstrate simple exercises / stretches if needed. I wish I could go every week! Plus he is just the nicest fellow as well as being a fabulous massage therapist.

Feb 16, 2016
Customer since Feb 2016


Great Hands!

I had bad pain and numbness shooting down my right arm for months, along with neck and upper back pain. I tried other spa massage treatments and relief was only temporary. Went to Joe for a consult 30 min apt and right from the start he was terrific! He cares about your pain and truly wants to help. He is very knowledgeable about how the spine, muscles and nerves are all connected. I took advantage of the 4 visit package and by the 3rd time was feeling great! Will be back for sure!

Suzanne Dee
Feb 13, 2016
Customer since Jan 2016


Atlantic Massage

I was in a major car accident 8-years ago. I was in sever pain, requiring Chiropractic visits several times a week. Joe Danna 1st worked on my 6-months later and for the 1st time since the accident, I could stand up straight and had significant reduction in pain. I now go to Joe every 3 or 4 months and have not seen a chiro in 5+years. At the risk of being over dramatic,Joe saved my life!! 5-stars is not enough!! Bill Maz. Amherst, NH

Bill Mazerall
Jan 26, 2016
Customer since Nov 2015


Joe gave me my life back–Dec. 18, 2015

I am from Massachusetts, and continued to have pain in my left ankle, foot, and left leg after spraining my right ankle 8 months ago. My brother suggested Joe, a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. I had been to many doctors, and never knew about this type of therapy. Joe worked on my left hip, leg, foot, and ankle. I could not believe the relief I had. He suggested home treatments. He is happy to make you happy. He is the best, and even called to check on me.Thank you, Joe !! You are amazing !!

Pat L.
Jan 22, 2016
Customer since Nov 2015



Joe is professional and personal. I’ve seen many message therapist for myofascial pain and Joe is the best I’ve ever had. He will fix your body not just give you the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. Joe’s techniques aren’t painful but extremely effective. He takes his craft and expertise seriously and LOVES what he does. Don’t hesitate to use Joe.

Gwendia Oswald
Jan 17, 2016
Customer since Nov 2015


Best massage experience ever!!

I went to see Joe for the sole purpose of getting pain relief in my neck and shoulders. He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable about muscle anatomy/function. He helped my aching body feel more comfortable almost immediately and taught me a lot about my body. He is wonderful at his craft and has a lot of good tips. I asked Joe not to try to change my world, just to fix the damage my world had done to me. He held up his end of the bargain. I will definitely be going back!!

Jan 12, 2016
Customer since Jan 2016


Great service, great experience!

I called last minute, They where able to accommodate my time frame, very pleasant and professional. I highly recommend Atlantic Massage.

Rian P.
Dec 31, 2015
Customer since Dec 2015


100% Above and Beyond service!

I recent went to see Joe for a very bad lower back pain. He looked at my alignment, posture and arch in my feet before we even started. He asked me exactly where my pain was instead of guessing. He worked that area for the whole hour massage explain everything he was doing and what muscle or body part that was being effected and even why the pain exists. He also added stretching into the massage doing both at the same time to achieve maximum relief. Also emailed me a week later to see how I was.

Matthew P
Dec 29, 2015
Customer since Oct 2015


effective treatment

I am impressed with Joe’s technique in deep tissue massage for neck and shoulder pain, which is highly effective. He is thorough and offers excellent take-home advice. I appreciate his calm and professional demeanor. I’ve seen him four times, and expect to return for periodic “tune-ups’ of some decades-long issues. Many thanks for the pain relief and new ease of movement!

Dec 23, 2015
Customer since Nov 2015


Headache, neck pain

One visit had a good night with one visit so far. Wonderful experience and so gentle. Spent time to explain home treatment.

Brenda Noke
Dec 16, 2015
Customer since Dec 2015


Getting Me Ready To Run

Stopped by to see Joe yesterday, a couple days after a half marathon and a few days before a full marathon. His mission: Get my legs ready to run!!! Things are feeling good and fingers are crossed for Sunday’s race. Many thanks Joe!

Tom Frost
Nov 18, 2015
Customer since Jul 2015


Muscular Massage that relaxes my spastic muscles and reinvigorated my entire body.

I have lived with Spastic Cerebral Palsy for 71 years. I began having muscular massages with Joe 4 years ago and l continue to come regularly. There are many tender spots and l am always amazed that Joe finds them all. He is sensitive to my pain and he listens to my concerns. I can say, “easy Joe” or “you can go deeper” and he responds to my need. I leave, with my muscles more relaxed, and my entire body reinvigorated due to deep caring massage. The best gift l can give myself. Thank you Joe

Assunta Riley
Nov 7, 2015
Customer since Nov 2015


Atlantic Massage Review

Enjoy working with Joe very much. Very personal with the added knowledge of knowing how the body in general, and muscle system in particular, operates and what helps to relieve pain and tightness. His office is always spotless, the music soothing, and he gives to his clients the appropriate attention needed for the healing process to occur.

wayne h
Oct 30, 2015
Customer since Sep 2015


The best!

Joe has helped me tremendously. As I am on Coumadin, he had to adjust his treatment. When I finish my 1 hour treatment, it is the best I feel for the day.

Oct 18, 2015
Customer since Oct 2015


Do or Die

I have been going to see Joe every four weeks for many years. I used to be plagued with aches & pains that most might attribute to “getting old”. Joe has taught me how to manage & overcome these limitations with stretching, changing how I approach certain activities, & basically taking better care of myself. I highly recommend Joe as a great resource and partner in the battle to stay active.

Oct 16, 2015
Customer since Sep 2015



After training for a marathon my shoulders and neck were in horrible shape – I could barely move my head side to side. I tried other therapist in the area to get relief but nothing was working – until I saw Joe. Joe performed a full evaluation to determine what was causing my issue and explained in detail what was leading to my stiff neck. After one session which included both stretching and massage, I felt significantly better. Hands down the best therapist I have seen – highly recommended!

Sep 30, 2015
Customer since Sep 2015


Great Personalized Approach

I always appreciate the dedicated and personalized approach Joe takes to each massage session. He is focused and explains issues and clearly cares about the patient and patient’s well-being. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone looking for a quality, personalized massage.

Tom Frost
Sep 29, 2015
Customer since Jul 2015


Great service

Joe is top notch. Very organized. Talks you through process of what he’s doing. Concerned about getting his client better and feeling great. He is highly recommended.

Tony Ducharme
Sep 5, 2015
Customer since Aug 2015


Second session-AHHHH, relief!

Joe is thorough in his intake. He devotes time to interview you to know your specific concerns and goals. He’s truly dedicated to your goals, healing and well-being. He is a gifted. Much Gratitude to you Joe.

Jul 18, 2015
Customer since May 2015



I’ve seen Joe twice for pain in the shoulders, neck, and head. He fixed the issues both times. Joe is the best and I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with head or muscular pain.

Jul 1, 2015
Customer since Jul 2014


Just the Man to Go to!

Joe knows just exactly what he’s doing and how to meet your individual needs. I have seen many different masooses and nobody comes to close to what he can do. He is professional and you will feel terrific afterwards!

Jun 21, 2015
Customer since Jun 2013


Advanced Bodywork

My session with Joe was amazingly thorough. He was sensitive to my many issues and addressed all of my concerns. The intake session, massage, and follow up immediately after the massage took two hours. Joe gave me follow up exercises and encouraged me to call if needed. Joe is professional, experienced and knowledgeable. I will definitely go back, and highly recommend him to anyone who needs a massage or has muscular concerns.

May 16, 2015
Customer since May 2015


Great job!

Skilled massage therapist! Great deep tissue massage for my upper body. Provided info for at home care, very knowledgable. I will rebook!!

Krista C
Apr 26, 2015
Customer since Apr 2015


Great experience!

Joe is very thorough and has helped both my father and I significantly. He takes extra time after the massage is over to suggest and demonstrate at-home exercises and stretches to help maintain proper back alignment. He is the best!

Amanda M
Apr 24, 2015
Customer since Apr 2015


Great with Injuries

I broke five bones in my spine less than two years ago. Every day has been painful since. I’ve looked around for a massage therapist that understands injuries and I’ve finally found that in Joe. I had been having trouble sleeping because of back spasms but after my first visit, an hour with Joe’s thoughtful and knowledgable body work, I slept so well. I couldn’t be more grateful and would definitely recommend Joe if you have an injury! Thank you, Joe!

Feb 2, 2015
Customer since Jan 2015


Bodywork Massage

I recently have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, L5S1. My left foot had been numb for a few months and I had twinges of pain in my lower back. After 1 hr with Joe working through the muscles, I have full feeling in my left foot and no pain in my back. I highly recommend Joe Danna – he is extremely knowledgeable and such a professional. I will continue to refer Joe Danna to anyone in need of this type of service. Much better than the physical therapy sessions and chiropractor visits.

Nancy C
Nov 9, 2014
Customer since Oct 2014


Immensely talented massage therapist

I’ve been to many, many massage therapists, physical therapists and chiropractors for my chronic back pain. Joe is a combination of all three professions. He is the most knowledgeable professional and gave me the most effective treatment session, including stretching and teaching me new exercises, that I’ve ever experienced. This guy is a treasure. I bought a series of treatments and have new hope for pain relief. Thanks Joe!

AH Flaster
Sep 26, 2014
Customer since Sep 2014


Specialized massage

As a runner, my legs, hips, and lower back are always in need of work and Joe does an amazing job loosening up and releasing those problem areas. I like that he specializes each session depending on where I am feeling pain and discomfort. However, if I just want a relaxing/therapeutic all over massage, he can do that as well. I have been going to Joe for several years and I am very happy!

Yuki C
Sep 24, 2014
Customer since Jul 2013


Feel great

This was the second time I saw joe for the same issue (shoulder) and he fixed me again. The problem lies in my postural issues that I will be working on. I was also having knee pain and the work he did on my hamstrings gave me some relief as well. Thanks joe, I will be back!

Jason M
Sep 11, 2014
Customer since Jul 2014


Joe is fantastic!

Joe was a ton of knowledge and expertise! I really liked that he took the time to listen to my problems, concerns and history before doing anything. His work is really fantastic and I highly recommend him!

Jul 29, 2014
Customer since Jul 2014



Joe is a consummate professional and extraordinarily knowledgable. One hour made a huge difference in dealing with headache pains I’ve been struggling with for weeks. Highly recommended!

Jul 2, 2014
Customer since Jul 2014


I feel soooo much better!

Joe is a healer and a compassionate therapist. I came with a great deal of hip and back pain and now feel that I have a person who can help and teach me to take care of myself. I sit at a computer for hours each day and I was waking up in pain. Now with the stretches I can go back to sleep. He knew exactly where the muscles attach and could release the pain. I feel blessed to know Joe is out there to help me heal.

barbara orr
Jan 20, 2014
Customer since Jan 2014


It’s not just massage therapy, it’s MEDICAL massage therapy

Joe has to be the most educated massage therapist I’ve met. It’s obvious he really loves his work. He wants people to FEEL better and to BE better. I know he does relaxation massage therapy, but I’m there for help with pain relief. Joe helps me relieve my neck and shoulder pain, calf pain and foot pain. He’s got maybe 20 degrees (certificates) or more. He’s always going to school to learn more. The man just really wants to help people to feel better. He’s very good at it.

Nov 5, 2013
Customer since Oct 2013



First time getting a massage. I learned a lot more about my anatomy than i thought. Not only was it relaxing, but i have new knowledge for jow i should stretch and use my body

Matt McCarthy
Jul 15, 2013
Customer since Jul 2013



Finally! I have been searching for someone like Joe for a while. He is so detailed, educated, knowledgeable and great at what he does. Great service. He gives you stretches to do at home. He genuinely cares Joe is truly in his business to help you. Thanks Joe. You are the best!!!

Jul 13, 2013
Customer since Jun 2013


Simply the Best!

I hit the jack pot when I found Joe Danna. I’ve tried many different people in the past and nobody could really hit the depth I needed or the trigger spots until I found Joe. When I say I need deep tissue, I mean it, and so far, he is the only one that has been able to give me that. On top of great service, he is abel to give you instructions for what to work on at home. He is friendly and very professional. I recommend this place, in particular Joe, to anyone!

Jun 22, 2013
Customer since Jun 2013


Relief at last!

I have finally found relief from chronic pain thanks to Joe Danna. He focuses on the trouble areas, and provides the means to continue self-therapy between sessions. Two caveats – 1) This is not light touch, spa-like massage. It’s deep and intense, a real work out for sore muscles. 2) If you don’t intend to participate in the therapy by following Joe’s advice, don’t bother. I respect Joe’s integrity and would highly recommend him to anyone who is seriously interested in healing.

Michael H
May 8, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013

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