Relaxation Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage Therapy is helps you relax.

Swedish Massage Therapy is relaxing, detoxifying, and boosts the immune system.

What is Light Swedish Massage Therapy?

Relaxation massage therapy is healing.

Is There a “Deep Tissue” Swedish Massage Therapy?

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy can mean different things to different people. Technically, Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage are two different modalities. But you can have a deeper Swedish massage therapy session. To get deeper into the tissue, the massage therapist uses a firmer touch and deeper strokes. Many people find the combination to be healing and relaxing.

Swedish Massage is a kneading, gliding therapy that leaves you feeling very relaxed.

It’s floating on a raft at a beautiful beach. Swedish Massage Therapy is an easy way to give yourself a mini-vacation.

Light Swedish Massage Therapy is also sometimes called “Parasympathetic Massage Therapy.”

The parasympathetic system is responsible for turning off your “fight or flight” response to stress. Light Swedish Massage is relaxing, detoxifying, soothing and peaceful.

It is excellent for for aching joints and tender muscles.

Medical Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage  Therapy helps heal specific muscular problems.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy helps heal specific muscular problems.

What is Advanced Bodywork?


Where is Your Pain?

Where is Your Pain?

Advanced Bodywork is also known as Deep Tissue Massage Therapy or Therapeutic Massage. It helps to heal and to relieve specific muscular pain problems.

Atlantic Massage uses Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, and Muscular Energy Techniques.

Specific areas of pain addressed include:

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